Yep, you heard right, not just wine, but ridiculously good wine in a can.




Why not!  Who doesn’t love portable alcohol? 

Heading to the hills?  Going to the pool? A concert? The park?  Hiking, Biking, Camping or Golfing? Cans offer a lightweight, pack in-pack out alternative to glass.  Hey, carry it from the refrigerator to the porch, or take it to the kids soccer game – we wont judge!


Because It's Green

Oh how we love the outdoors and oh how we want it to be beautiful for generations to come.  Aluminum is not only 100% recyclable, but infinitely recyclable too.  In fact, a recycled can can be back on the shelf in as little as 60 days.  This year we plan to put at least 125,000 liters of wine in cans.  So…that equates to 14,000 cases of glass bottle, which is equivalent of putting six tractor trailers of bottles into landfill every year!  So how’s that for doing our part?


Because It's Fun

Kiss that stuffy wine culture goodbye.  Sure you can swirl, sniff and spit but isn’t it more fun to just sit back and crack open a can?