60 Minutes of Tastiness
$25/person - Public Tour
Schedule a Public Tour and let us guide you through the winery while you taste our favorite selections of our bottled, kegged, and wine in a can. You’ll tour the winery, learn a little more about us, and taste 5 of our wines along the way.

60 Minutes of Tastiness - No Strangers Allowed!
$35/person - Private Tour
Want a tour and tasting, but with a bit more intimacy?  Get rid of the public & let us tour your private group around the winery.  You'll receive 6 of our favorite selections (including the Bubble Universe!), a 60 minute tour of the winery and you can feel free to make all the inside jokes you want!

90 Minutes of Decadence
$75/person - Private Barrel Tasting

And if you still can’t get enough, schedule a Private Barrel Tasting where you will be guided through our winery & the winemaking process and allow you to taste varieties as they age in the barrel. Trust us, your palate will thank you. Minimum 6 people!

60 Minute Harvest Tour (seasonal)
$50/person - Harvest Tour & Tasting

Grapes are here! Join us every Wednesday in October at 6:00 p.m to get down and dirty on one of our Harvest Tours!  Get up close and personal time with our 2018 Colorado grapes.  Touch 'em, eat 'em, crush 'em and drink 'em fresh out of a barrel!  It's an exciting time of the year & we'd love to share it with you. 6 tastes of wine, interactive harvest activities and a free bottle of hooch signed by the man, himself, Mr. Ben Parsons.


Book Your Tour

Our tours are limited and fill up fast so make sure to reserve your spot. All you need is confirmation from our Tour Coordinator! 

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Public Tours Available Thursday-Sunday. Private and Barrel Tastings can be requested at any time. All bookings require confirmation from our Tour Coordinator via email.
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