Wine from a stainless steel keg?

How ridiculous or how ridiculously good?!

Remember, stainless steel containers are not new in winemaking – if it ain’t aged in oak, then it’s been finished in a stainless steel tank. Of course, we’re just taking that a bit further and bringing the stainless steel to the bar or restaurant.

You like it fresh, right?

There is nothing worse than getting a glass of wine at a bar and taking that first sip to discover it has been sitting open for who knows how long. With keg wine, each glass is as fresh as the last – there’s  no half bottles tragically being poured down the sink and no oxidized wine. In other words, it’s good ‘til the last drop. 

Our environmental concerns.

We keep harping on about it, but one keg means 26 bottles were not harmed in the consumption:  No corks or  seals displaced.  No trash trucks overloaded with cardboard and glass only to be driven to a facility where they may or may not be recycled. 

So 26 bottles per keg doesn’t seem that detrimental, right?

Well, do the math. Since 2010 our kegs have reduced glass production by 120,000 bottles,  which means 10,000 cardboard boxes would have been supplied, which would have been made and shipped to Denver on a 100 wooden pallets in a multitude of delivery trucks.  Between kegs and canned wine, we expect to keep enough bottles to fill a Boeing 777 out of the landfill or recycling bins in the next two years alone! 

We’re just doing our part to keep it green. 



In other words, tap that wine and drink up! It’s good for you and the environment!